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Life Coach or Therapist? Which is Right for You?

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As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, I am both a Psychotherapist and a Life-Coach.

People seek out a life coach or therapist because they feel stuck or want their life to be better in some way. The service you need depends on where you are stuck in the cycle of healthy human processing.

Which service is right for you?

Life Coaching

Life coaching assists you in exercising your will to carry out healthy actions with your body. Specifically, these actions will match the core values in your human spirit.

A Life-Coach will guide you in living your most productive life. 

Life-Coaching includes: 

  • Clarifying Life Visions
  • Educating
  • Goal-Setting
  • Accountability.

You may need a Life-Coach if you want to:  

  • Create actionable goals and objectives to fulfill your vision.
  • Increase your personal productivity.
  • Create strategies for growth.
  • Create work/life balance
  • Identify obstacles to your goals and secure creative solutions. 
  • Increase the frequency of specific positive behaviors in your life.
  • Decrease the frequency of specific negative behaviors in your life.

Life-Coaches are very helpful when you need to change your behavior and form positive habits. 

However, they do not have the credentials or training to properly facilitate healing of the deeper parts of your psyche. 


For psychological healing, you need a Therapist.

Therapy provides healing in your core identity, feelings, thoughts and motivations which drive your choices and actions. 

A Therapist will support you in the process of healing your psyche and restoring you to proper function. 

Therapy includes:

  • Exploration of Personal Identity
  • Emotional Healing
  • Mental Processing

You may need a Therapist if:

  • The negative behaviors you desire to change are severe in nature. (Examples include substance use, verbal or physical abuse towards others, episodes of frequent crying, thoughts of suicide or homicide, panic attacks, constant general irritability or other such items. Note: if you have had a thought of suicide in the past 24 hours, stop reading this and call 911).
  • You have experienced a significant personal loss within the past two years. (Loss of a loved one, job, home, health, body part, ability, relationship, or anything else that you consider a significant personal loss.)
  • You are currently experiencing a major life transition. (Exits or entrances of new members into your family, change of career or job, change of home, change of health status.)
  • You score one or more on the Adverse Childhood Experiences Questionnaire.
  • You have witnessed of experienced a traumatic event. (This includes anything during which you felt that your life, limb or safety or the life, limb or safety of a loved one was in danger.)
  • The positive changes you want to make primarily include changing communication patterns with significant others in your life.
  • You have been to a Life-Coach, tried to make changes, but still feel something is lacking. (This does not mean the time spent with your life coach was a waste. It simply means there is healing that needs to take place in deeper parts of your being.)

Find Oklahoma City Life Coaching and Counseling

With Lori Roper LCSW, you will experience quality mental health care in a safe, non-judgmental environment. If you’ve found yourself buried under challenging life circumstances and are feeling stuck, undecided, wounded, or bitter, I will join wherever you are, and together we’ll uncover the hidden strength you possess to emerge resilient.

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